Sharri Tafelski, PMP

Mrs. Sharri Tafelski is the reigning Chapter President.

Responsibility: The President is responsible for overall Chapter governance, leading strategic and operational planning, aligning our operations with membership needs, and ensuring our financial sustainability.

Job Description: The Chapter President is responsible for developing and ensuring that the Board is working towards the Strategy and Vision of the Chapter. The President is a liaison with other PMI chapters and is responsible for outward facing communications to the PMI community.

  • Stewardship of the Chapter’s strategy (mission, vision and strategic objectives).
  • Monitor performance of the Board and its individual Directors.
  • Plan for Board members’ succession, including appointment of replacement Board members to vacant positions.
  • Define/form Committees and appoint Committee positions; e.g., Nominating Committee members for each election year, Committee Project Managers (chairpersons) and representatives to Task Teams with Board approval.
  • Implement effective and efficient Board policies, procedures, roles and structures.
  • Develop Board meeting and General Meeting schedules and agendas and preside over all Board meetings and General Meetings.
  • Report to PMI Global Operations Center on a monthly, periodic, and annual reporting basis, including the submission of the annual application for Charter renewal.
  • Liaise with PMI Global Operations Center and other PMI components and organizations.
  • Pursue and develop alliances with other organizations, agencies, businesses and individuals to further the Chapter’s purpose and strategic objectives.
  • Retain and archive permanent records associated with this position
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