Historical Archive

Monthly Program Meetings -- 2016
DatePresented ByTopicPDU's
01/12/2016Jan Holt, PMPThe Risky Business of Risk Management1.0
06/07/2016Harry VasilopoulosManaging Change: A Behavioral Approach1.0
Seminars and Events -- 2016
DateProgram #Presented ByTopicPDU's
There are no PDU Seminar or PDU Events currently scheduled.
Monthly Program Meetings -- 2015
DatePresented ByTopicPDU's
02/10/2015Wayne TurmelVirtual Teams / Best Practices1.0
04/14/2015Dave MaynardMaking Project Risk Management Work1.0
05/12/2015John PrehnAgile1.0
06/09/2015Dr. Ganesh VaidyanathanWBS, SOW and Project Charter Development1.0
09/08/2015PMI Michiana Chapter Board MembersPMI Global Updates: Changes to Continuing Certification Requirements and Maximizing you PMI Membership1.0
10/14/2015Douglas B. BoebingerFailure, An Essential Step Towards Success1.0
10/15/2015Douglas B. BoebingerEducational Topics for Project Management Practicioner Skill Developmnent8.0
11/10/2015Elizabeth MuellnerManaging Your Career as a Project 1.0
Seminars and Events -- 2015
DateProgram #Presented ByTopicPDU's
01/06/2015 McIndoo / Shane2015 PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Courses - January 62.0
01/13/2015 Sorenson2015 PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Courses - January 132.0
01/20/2015 Messersmith2015 PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Courses - January 202.0
01/27/2015 Henry2015 PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Courses - January 272.0
02/03/2015 Robinson2015 PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Courses - February 32.0
02/10/2015 McDole2015 PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Courses - February 102.0
02/17/2015 Prehn2015 PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Courses - February 172.0
02/24/2015 Muller2015 PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Courses - February 242.0
03/03/2015 Dolby2015 PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Courses - March 32.0
03/10/2015 Holt2015 PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Courses - March 102.0
03/17/2015 Huizing2015 PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Courses - March 172.0
03/24/2015 Doms2015 PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Courses - March 242.0
03/31/2015 Dowsett2015 PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Courses - March 312.0
04/07/2015 McIndoo / Notestine2015 PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Courses - April 72.0
Monthly Program Meetings -- 2014
DatePresented ByTopicPDU's
01/14/2014Ganesan VaidyanathanPM Culture in Organizations - Ganesan Vaidyanathan1.0
02/11/2014Anna DomsCommunicating Project Management Processes to External Stakeholders1.0
03/11/2014Becky D. Ragsdale, PHRNegotiating for Success1.0
04/08/2014Ken RichesMethodologies for Risk Management1.0
05/13/2014Scott StribrnyChange Management: Successful Strategies For Projects In An Ever-Changing Environment1.0
06/10/2014Todd HillThe Project Manager as a Leader1.0
09/18/2014John Laurence BuschBuilding the First "Steamship" in History1.0
09/25/2014Multiple SpeakersFacilitating Organizational Change through Project Management2.0
10/14/2014Suzanne DoughertyUseful Tips and Tricks for Managing Projects, tools for your toolkit!1.0
11/05/2014Mr. David Barrett:What Are the Keys to Success In Project Management?1.0
Seminars and Events -- 2014
DateProgram #Presented ByTopicPDU's
01/07/2014 Keith A. McIndoo2014 PMP Test Prep Classes2.0
11/06/2014 Mr. David BarrettPMI Michiana Fall 2014 Professional Development Day8.0
Monthly Program Meetings -- 2012
DatePresented ByTopicPDU's
08/14/2012Gina LaufferLeadership through Program Development1.0
09/11/2012Sherri CroninProject Management – Business Critical 1.0
10/10/2012Scott DaleyQuality Management1.0
11/13/2012Dr. Ganesh VaidyanthanBest Practices of Project Outsourcing 1.0
Seminars and Events -- 2012
DateProgram #Presented ByTopicPDU's
04/17/2012 Ken Riches2012 PMP Test Prep Classes - Session 7 – Project Risk Management2.0
05/01/2012 Rita Fronczak2012 PMP Test Prep Classes - Session 8 - Project Procurement & PR2.0
10/27/2012 Mr. Doug BoebingerPMI Michiana Fall 2012 Professional Development Day8.0
Monthly Program Meetings -- 2011
DatePresented ByTopicPDU's
01/11/2011Gina LaufferEarned Value Management1.0
02/08/2011Pat HagertyWhat is Six Sigma?1.0
03/08/2011Brian VanderjackProject Leadership1.0
06/14/2011Brian MonroePMI Michiana - June 14, 2011 Event1.0
09/13/2011Douglas Boebinger, PMPPMI Michiana - September 13, 2011 Event1.0
10/11/2011Scott StribrnyEngaging Today's Talent - October 11, 2011 Event1.0
11/15/2011Brandon ConradPMI Michiana - November 15, 2011 Event1.0
Seminars and Events -- 2011
DateProgram #Presented ByTopicPDU's
There are no PDU Seminar or PDU Events currently scheduled.
Monthly Program Meetings
DatePresented ByTopicPDU's
1/19George SaichIntroduction to Estimating Software Projects with COCOMO II2
2/16Greg GrafThe 3 Core Components of Project Success
with the Indianapolis Rational Users Group
3/16Seth DaviesProcess Based Leadership
With the Indianapolis Chapter of APICS
4/20Bill RobertsA Program Manager's Approach to IT Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance2
5/18Kenn PettyAvoiding Codependent Behaviors in Project Teams2
6/15Phillip HarmonDesigning Enterprise Projects for Success2
7/20Lee PetersChampionship Dragon Slaying2
8/17Andy PriceAgile Software Development and Project Management2
9/21John HomerConfronting the Brutal Facts: Project Success Is More Likely If We Start With Some Tough Questions2
10/19Andy CroweAlpha Project Managers2
11/16Lynne IwanskiPM Process Audits2
12/14Daphne Clark and Lisa HawkinsCan Portfolio Management and an Annual Planning Cycle Co-exist?2
Seminars and Events
DateProgram #Presented ByTopicPDU's
3/24C002-032406Lee PetersLeading and Coaching Project Teams8
5/12C002-051206Charlotte FranckGroup Project Planning Techniques8
7/311003-833600Dr. Harold KerznerAchieving Project Management Excellence7
8/25C002-082506Greg GrafIntroduction to Rational Unified Process (RUP)8
9/23C002-110206Joseph PhilipsThe Project: Life 
(A Presentation for International Project Management Day)
10/64th Annual PMI CIC Professional Development Day
 C002-100606-1Chad AntcliffManaging the 500 Parade1
 C002-100606-2Hans Jonasson, PMPBest Practices for Determining Project Requirements1
 C002-100606-3Alan Devney, PMPProject Leadership, Setting Expectations and Following Through1
 C002-100606-4Ellen GottesdienerEnd Well to Begin Well: Project Retrospectives to Improve Product and Process1
 C002-100606-5Julie Downhour, PMPHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and it's Impact on Health Care1
 C002-100606-6Lee R. Lambert, PMPYou GOTTA Get IT! -- Now You GOT IT!The REST is up to YOU!!1
 C002-100606-7Robin Canale, MSPM, PMPLeadership Skills for Project Managers - Seven Steps to Better Leadership1
 C002-100606-8Kevin Gaza, PMPBuilding and Deploying a Web Based Project Methodology Using Visio1
 C002-100606-9William E. Roberts, PMPRisk Management: Luck is the Residue of Design1
 C002-100606-10Craig Letavec, MSPM, PMPEvolving the PMO: From So-so to Serious Business Results1
 C002-100606-11Charlotte Franck, PMPWhen Should Project Management Go to the Dogs?1
 C002-100606-12Harold Wagner, PMPCreating a Positive Culture of Project Management Improvement Using Portfolio Reporting and Project Management Tools1
 C002-100606-13Brad Myers, CISSP, CISA, CISM, PMPSarbanes Oxley, the PMO and Project Management - The Continuing Impact1
 C002-100606-14Susan Vaughn, PMPAchieving a Work/Life Balance using Project Management1
 C002-100606-15Steve Vinson, PMPThe Age of Leadership: The Next Mega Trend in Project Management1
 C002-100606-16Jim Putka & Leigh LaytonTeaching the Elephant to Dance1
 C002-100606-17Mark House, PMPImplementing a PMO - Updated Lessons Learned1
 C002-100606-18Matt Bracher, PMPMaximizing your PDUs1
 C002-100606-19Richard Spector, PMPDealing with People you Can't Stand on your Project1
 C002-100606-20Brian Rowe, MBA, PMPSOA for Project Managers1
 C002-100606-21Darren Pitts, CRIM, PMP, CSSBB, C.P.M.Visual Communication & Complex Projects using MindManger Software1
Monthly Program Meetings
DateProgram #Presented ByTopicPDU's
1/20C002-012005Steve & Diana BurganHow Do We Get There From Here?2
2/17C002-21705John HomerProject Controls and Their Use in Predicting, Measuring, and Facilitating Project Success2
3/17C002-31705Richard GargasThe Theory of Constraints - Applied!
(Joint Meeting with APICS)

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4/21 Lee PetersThe Key to Capturing and Caging Project Risk2
5/19 Charlotte FranckTransforming Stakeholder Relationships2
6/16 Gordon HendryIndianapolis Downtown Development2
7/21 Roger Hammer"Six Thinking Hats" Team Collaboration Methods2
8/18 Susan VaughnAchieving a Work/Life Balance using Project Management 2
9/15 Russ Clark Succeeding with Iterative Project Management in a Waterfall World2
10/13 Steve WeberReal Life Requirements Definition2
11/17 Hal LevineLessons Learned from "The Apprentice"2
12/1 Linda HiteTo PMP and Beyond2
Seminars and Events
DateProgram #Presented ByTopicPDU's
5/20C002-2005-20Kevin GazaMS Project - Tips, Tricks, & Traps8
8/12C002-120805Colleen CullinanRisk Management Workshop8
9/23C002-230905Charlotte FranckPractical Project Management, A Focus on Results8
10/73rd Annual PMI CIC Professional Development Day
 C002-100705-1Steve & Diana BurganCreating Innovation - Seeing Things a Different Way1
 C002-100705-2Paula NorthamCommunications: Strategies and Perspectives from an International Project Manager1
 C002-100705-3Joe PhillipsA Quality Life: W. Edwards Deming1
 C002-100705-4Colleen Dixon & Alice SusemichelProject Manager/Project Management Office (PMO) Partnership: Knowing When to Hold On and When to Let Go1
 C002-100705-5James GrabowskiTo Think Outside the Box, You Must be Able to Think Inside the Box1
 C002-100705-6Charlotte FranckThe Role of the Project Manager in Change - Moving from Barrier to Benefactor1
 C002-100705-7Mark HouseImplementing a PMO - Lessons Learned1
 C002-100705-8Jim ObermaierProject Health Checks: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure1
 C002-100705-9Colleen CullinanManaging Volunteer Projects for Fun, PDUs or Experience1
 C002-100705-10Rick KoenSurviving Inherited Projects1
 C002-100705-11Kevin AllenOut of Phase Project Management: Managing the Communications of a Distributed Project Team1
 C002-100705-12Greg BeckerA Practical Risk Management Approach1
 C002-100705-13Steve & Diana BurganCreating Innovation - An Experiential Activity1
 C002-100705-14Gary WinzenreadManaging IT in a Business World1
 C002-100705-15Lee PetersEffective Negotiating1
 C002-100705-16David MarshDot ORG - 10 Fatality Factors for the Non-Profit PM Practitioner1
11/11C002-111105Joseph PhillipsEnsuring Quality in IT Projects8
Monthly Program Meetings
DateProgram #Presented ByTopicPDU's
1/22C002-X012204ALinda LanskyHigh Impact Project Mgt. Tools & Techniques2
2/19C002-200402George SaichSoftware Development Using Scrum Process2
3/18C002-200403Lisa MerittJumpstarting a Stalled Project2
4/22C002-200404Robert WickliffProject Quality Management (Software Development)2
5/20C002-200504Chris SeidlThe Power of the Business Analyst2
6/17C002-170604T. R. SloanImplementing Enterprise Project Management with MS Project 20032
7/15C002-150704Steve & Diana BurganPMBOK Updates for 20042
8/19C002-190804Dann VeldkampCritical Chain PM – An Alternative to Critical Path2
9/16C002-160904Panel DiscussionLessons Learned2
10/21C002-211004Nicholas TaylorSecurity – The What, Why, and How of BS7799/ISO 177992
11/18C002-181104Sandy BeckLeading Long Distance Teams2
12/9C002-091204All AttendeesTool/Form Swap2
Seminars and Events
DateProgram #Presented ByTopicPDU's
2/27C002-200413Colleen CullinanRisk Management Workshop8
3/26C002-200414Kevin GazaMS Project - Tips, Tricks, & Traps8
5/3C002-200416Various Panel ExpertsMS Project Server 2002/2003 Roundtable Discussion2
5/21C002-200415Gary HobbsDeveloping a Practical Portfolio Management Process8
8/271003-834500Dr. Harold KerznerBest Practices in Project Management7
10/82nd Annual PMI CIC Professional Development Day:
 C002-2004-25Alan DevneyTraining Your Project Sponsor1
 C002-2004-26Mark BouskaPortfolio Management, Bridging the Gap between Strategy and Tactics, and Improving Project Success1
 C002-2004-27Greg BeckerApplying Earned Value Management (EVM)1
 C002-2004-28Gerard HillEstablishing A Complete Project Management Office1
 C002-2004-29Harold WagnerCapability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)1
 C002-2004-30Darren PittsEstimating Project Duration and Six Sigma1
 C002-2004-31Charlotte FranckAre Your Stakeholders Friends or Foes?1
 C002-2004-32Carol LischalkBuilding Personal Resilience for Turbulent Times1
 C002-2004-33Rick KoenProject Team Development - How can you get disparate groups to work together as a team?1
 C002-2004-34Lee PetersTaming Time - Time is the only Perishable Resource1
 C002-2004-35Tim PruittBenchmarking - In Perspective1
 C002-2004-36Bonnie GrannerProject Management - Three Jobs in One1
 C002-2004-37Richard SpectorIntegrating Six Sigma with a PMO - Going to the next level1
 C002-2004-38James SkilesAn Agenda to Build a WBS1
 C002-2004-39Nicholas MillerThe Finer Points of Project Performance Reviews1
 C002-2004-40Sean K. ConleyOrganizing a Project for Success - An architecture-based approached for project scope definition1
11/5C002-051104Joseph PhillipsManaging, Leading, and Completing IT Projects8
Monthly Program Meetings
DateProgram #TopicSponsorCategoryPDU's
1/30C002-2003-01Risk ManagementPMI-CIC32
3/20C002-2003-03The Project Management School of Hard KnocksPMI-CIC32
4/17C002-2003-04Business EthicsPMI-CIC32
5/15C002-2003-05Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Preparation Project at ATAPMI-CIC32
6/19C002-2003-06A Framework and Technique for Running ProgramsPMI-CIC32
7/17C002-2003-07The Devil is in the Detail - Program ManagementPMI-CIC32
8/21C002-2003-08Capability Maturity Model (SEI)PMI-CIC32
9/18C002-2003-09Risk ManagementPMI-CIC32
10/16C002-2003-10Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, (OPM3) New from PMIPMI-CIC32
11/20C002-2003-11The Wisdom of Fables and Legends in Project CommunicationPMI-CIC32
12/04C002-2003-12Project Management Techniques Employed in Publishing a PMP Exam Study GuidePMI-CIC31
  Total for Monthly Programs  23
Seminars and Workshops
9/12C002-0912-03Microsoft Project - Tips, Tricks & Traps WorkshopPMI-CIC38
10/24C002-1024-01A Practical Approach to Risk M0anagementPMI-CIC31
10/24C002-1024-02Executrix of the Estate - The Project You Never Want to LeadPMI-CIC31
10/24C002-1024-03Managing IT ProjectPMI-CIC31
10/24C002-1024-04Implementing Project Management in a Functional OrganizationPMI-CIC31
10/24C002-1024-05A Practical Approach to Portfolio ManagementPMI-CIC31
10/24C002-1024-06Project Management in the DOD R&D EnvironmentPMI-CIC31
10/24C002-1024-07Communications TheoryPMI-CIC31
10/24C002-1024-08Taking Over a Project in the Middle - "Sailing in Troubled Waters"PMI-CIC31
10/24C002-1024-09Identifying, Collecting and Interpreting Key Metrics for Iterative IT ProjectsPMI-CIC31
10/24C002-1024-10EVMS Validation for Government ProjectsPMI-CIC31
10/24C002-1024-11Understanding Monte Carlo Simulation and How It Applies to Project Timeline EstimatesPMI-CIC31
10/24C002-1024-12Leadership in Project ManagementPMI-CIC31
11/14C002-1114-03Introduction to Six SigmaPMI-CIC38
12/12C002-1112-03Microsoft Project - Tips, Tricks & Traps WorkshopPMI-CIC38
  Total for Seminars  36
  Total PDUs for Year  59
Note: The Provider code for PMI-CIC is C002
Monthly Program Meetings
DateProgram #TopicSponsorCategoryPDU's
1/22C002-2002-01Managing a Disaster Recovery ProjectPMI-CIC32
2/21C002-2002-02Project Plans ASAP!PMI-CIC Bitwise Solutions32
3/21C002-2002-03Voices of the ExecutivePMI-CIC Bitwise Solutions32
4/23C002-2002-04Project Management CompetencyPMI-CIC32
5/01C002-2002-05Workshop - Advancing the Art of EstimatingPMI-CIC37
5/21C002-2002-06Managing IT as a BusinessPMI-CIC32
6/20C002-2002-07Systems Validations and Compliance in ProjectsPMI-CIC32
6/26C002-2002-08Workshop - Estimating for the IT ProfessionalPMI-CIC37
7/23C002-2002-09Management of RiskPMI-CIC32
7/31C002-2002-10Workshop - Estimating for the IT Professional - 2PMI-CIC37
8/22C002-2002-11The Strategic Project Office:PMI-CIC32
9/24C002-2002-12Project Management ProcurementPMI-CIC32
10/22C002-2002-13What makes a project manager successful?PMI-CIC32
10/31C002-2002-14Enterprise Project Management - Lunch MeetingPMI-CIC31
11/19C002-2002-15Six Sigma & Project ManagementPMI-CIC32
12/05C002-2002-16The Ultimate Project Management ChallengePMI-CIC32
  Total PDUs for Year  46
Monthly Program Meetings
DateProgram #TopicSponsorCategoryPDU's
1/18C002-2001-01Planning and Executing the Move of the NCAAPMI-CIC32
2/20C002-2001-02Strategic Initiative WizardryPMI-CIC32
3/22C002-2001-03Blitz Build Project with Habitat for HumanityPMI-CIC32
4/24C002-2001-04Virtual Program ManagementPMI-CIC32
5/22C002-2001-05Microsoft Solutions FrameworkPMI-CIC32
6/14C002-2001-06Negotiating Tribal WarfarePMI-CIC32
N/AN/AJuly Summer Break - No Meeting ScheduledN/AN/AN/A
8/21C002-2001-07Negotiating Tribal Warefare Followup / Annual Business MeetingPMI-CIC32
9/26C002-2001-08The Project Management Simulation WorkshopPMI-CIC32
10/25C002-2001-09Lean Thinking and Value Streaming Applied to Project ManagementPMI-CIC37
11/29C002-2001-10Christmas Party - Tour and Dinner at Easley WineryPMI-CICN/AN/A
N/AN/ADecember Winter Break - No Meeting ScheduledN/AN/AN/A
  Total PDUs for Year  23

Monthly Program Meetings

DateProgram #TopicSponsorCategoryPDU's
1/18C002-2000-01Using the Principals of QFD to Prioritize ProjectsPMI-CIC32
2/24C002-2000-02Project Management in an IT WorldPMI-CIC32
4/18C002-2000-03Renewal TermsPMI-CIC32
5/25C002-2000-04Anticipating Problems and PlanningPMI-CIC32
6/22C002-2000-05Integrating the Project OfficePMI-CIC32
7/25 7/26C002-2000-06Earned Value Management WorkshopPMI-CIC315
9/26C002-2000-07Project Management in the Pharmaceutical IndustryPMI-CIC34
10/17C002-2000-08Dealing with HR Restrictions on ProjectsPMI-CIC32
11/29N/AChristmas Party - Jillian'sPMI-CICN/AN/A
N/AN/ADecember Winter Break - No Meeting ScheduledPMI-CICN/AN/A
Total PDUs for Year31

Monthly Program Meetings

DateProgram #TopicSponsorCategoryPDU's
3/18C002-1999-01Understanding and Managing StakeholdersPMI-CIC32
4/22C002-1999-02Project Development and IntegrationPMI-CIC32
5/25C002-1999-03Project Team TransformationPMI-CIC33.5
6/22C002-1999-04Project Risk ManagementPMI-CIC32
7/28N/ASocial Event at BennigansPMI-CICN/AN/A
8/24N/AChapter Annual Business Plan MeetingPMI-CICN/AN/A
9/23C002-1999-05Building a Successful Project Management OfficePMI-CIC32
10/21C002-1999-06Relocation of NCAA HeadquartersPMI-CIC32
10/27N/ASocial Event at BennigansPMI-CICN/AN/A
11/18C002-1999-07World Police and Fire GamesPMI-CIC32
12/16N/AChristmas PartyPMI-CICN/AN/A
  Total PDUs for Year  15.5